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Promotional Products with Excellent Customer Service

We specialise in customised & creative promotional products, allowing you to find the products that you require with little effort.

Whether you are looking for an advertising gift to mail out to your prospects, corporate gifts for staff retention or a yearly give-away for your existing customers, we can provide a promotional product to suit your needs.

Our Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and have 100's of satisfied customers throughout the UK many of whome have been happy to comment. Click here to see our testimonials...

Our dedicated team will work with you from quotation to delivery to ensure that you are fully satisfied with both your promotional items and service. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of promotional products and look forward to hearing from you.

Promotional Products Really Work

Promotional products really do work and if you have used them in your promotions before you will know this and the positive response you get from people who receive them. If you are new to promotional products we are here to guide you through the selection process. Many studies have proven time and again that promotional merchandise out performs virtually all other forms of promoting your product or service by delivering the following benefits:

High Recall - customers will remember your product or service long after they have received there promotional product which they probably still have unlike other forms of marketing literature.

Repeated Exposure - what other form of marketing can get your logo in front of a customer as many times as say a promotional mug which may be used 3 or 4 times every day by your customer for a year giving you continued exposure of your logo and service and by far outperforming other more costly forms of advertising. The same can be said for diaries, pens, mouse mats, bags,
 umbrellas - all helping to spread your brand name day and night, year in and year out.

Favourable Customer Reaction - Reports show that customers who receive an item of promotional merchandise have a positive and favourable view of your company resulting in an increased chance of them doing business with you. 

Our mission is to create Smart Promotional ideas and campaigns for your business or event so contact us today and join the hundreds of companies already gaining from using promotional merchandise as an integral part of there marketing campaigns.

Did you know? The UK Promotional Merchandise industry is currently worth an estimated £750 million and in the US almost $19 billion USD
 - surely all these people cant be wrong!


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